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Server Rules

Server and Forum Policy / Rules / Sanctions


Hello everyone,
Below are the combine server and forum "policy, rules and sanctions". By registering to our server(s) you agree to the following Policy / Rules / Sanctions in-game and forum.
1.       Discussion of breaking Federals Laws (any countries) is prohibited. Our MUOnline Private Servers does not support any acts that break any government’s laws. It is my duty as the officer of the law to ensure that no members of our servers commits or violates any Federal laws while in-game and/or on forum.
2.       We have 0% tolerance for any members of our servers who uses any types of cheats or hacks that can compromised our servers.
a.      The use of hacking – permanent account banned including IP address and your PC number.
b.      Abusing server glitch or bugs – Permanent character / account ban.
c.      Abusing ranking system (Guild Wars, Voting and etc.) – Permanent character / account ban.
d.      Scamming players – permanent character / account ban.
e.      We do not provide any support for members who use 3rd party programs to hide real I.P. address. Our server staff will also not be held responsible for any issues within your account.
f.       Our server staffs are not responsible for the security of your account. Members must take drastic measures to protect their personal information. Members must not share personal accounts to any family members or friends.
g.      Members must ensure that the site you use to login is the real server website and forum.
h.      Any problems arising from sharing your account(s), password or personal information in any Internet Café or other actions are the sole responsibility of the registered member.
i.       We will not provide any support with whatever issues you will encounter in your account.
NOTE:  Do not give away your login information no matter who that person is. The moment you give away your login information or personal information you basically gave away all the items that you have, including the account itself. Infraction of this rule is done at your own risk.

3.       Buying and Selling Items:
a.      Buy and Sell for real money (Load, cards, vouchers and etc) – Permanent Ban.
b.      Buy and Sell for any other gaming servers – Permanent Ban.
c.      Our Server(s) Items for Our Server(s) Credits – Do it at your own risk.
d.      When buying items using our item shop, you must ensure that your main upper top vault is empty. Otherwise, you will experience problems with not receiving the items you bought. We will not give back the item or provide you with any exchange and/or refunds.
e.      When buying items using the xShop, you must ensure that you have a lot of space in your main inventory for the item(s) to appear.
NOTE:  All registered accounts, items and any of our server related information are all property of the server owner. If you are caught buying, selling and trading items for real money or trading it to another gaming servers outside our server(s) website(s), forum(s) and in-game it will result in being banned permanently. This simply means, if we find you selling our server(s) properties in any of the social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, any gaming forum, or any buy, sell and trading website etc. your character(s) and account(s) will be banned permanently without notice.

4.    nbsp;   Server Donations:
We thank you for donating in our servers but your donations is not going to make you a special person in-game or forum. If donators violated the rules, they can still be ban just like any normal characters even if they donated 100 times.  Everyone is treated equally in our servers.
a.      All donations are made by members who donated in our servers in their own free will. This means, we did not ask or force you to donate in our servers.
b.      All amounts in our donation options have specific amounts of credit rewards. When you donate, you will receive credits as gratitude.
c.      All donations are non-refundable.
d.      All donation chargeback is considered as a scam – Permanent account ban.
e.      If you did not receive your credits, you must contact the following.
             1. If you donated through Paymentwall, you must contact them via email as they are the only people who can resolve donation issues. 
             2. If you donated through PayPal, send an email to the email provided in PayPal to make a donation.
f.       If you submit any donation or payment using our websites, you agree that at under any circumstances you will not dispute, ask for a partial and/or full refund.

NOTE: If you have donated once or 100 times, it doesn't matter, you are still equal with any other player(s) who hasn't donated at all.
If for any reason a donator gets banned, all items in his account(s) will be blocked along with the account. It will also not be returned to him/her under any circumstances.

5.       Refund Policy:
a. The server Administrator(s) and GM(s) will NOT be held responsible for any lost / disappeared / missing / stolen items. Whatever the cause maybe we will never refund, exchange or give back any lost items. (This also includes Pets, Seals, Wcoins, PCP points, Goblin Points, Credits, Levels, Rage Levels, Master Levels, Jr. GM status, Hide Info, Master Level Reset, VIP and etc.).

b. We do not issue any refunds for digital products once the order is submitted. (This includes, Donated Credits, Items from the Webshop and xShop, Players Online Market Place, Hide Info, Master Skill Tree Reset, VIP and etc.).

 Our products sold in our website is considered as digital products. By buying our products from our websites, you agree that under any circumstances we will not provide any NO REFUND and/or EXCHANGE. If you submit an order using your donated credits, you agree that you will not dispute, ask for a partial or full refund.

6.       Members in our servers must not use the following:
a.      Server(s) Name – Permanent Account Ban.
b.      Server Staff Name – Permanent Account Ban.
c.      Admin Name / Game Master Name / Staff Name – Permanent Account Ban.
d.      Vulgar / Derogatory Names – Permanent Character Ban.
e.      Sexual Explicit / Pornography website or server names – Permanent Character Ban.
f.       Names with symbols (! @#$%^&** and etc.) – Do it at your own risk. We will not be providing support with whatever issues you have with your character.

 As many of you may or may not know, the Admin(s) and Game Master(s) have regular alternate characters that we like to use while in-game. These characters have different in-game names and it may look like a normal character but these characters can give out warnings like a normal player does.

For example: If you were given a warning by a player because you were using vulgar words on /post and you replied in a rude manner then you will get temporary banned for it.
Keep in mind that if a normal gamer gives you a warning in-game is a person who actually cares for you not to get banned. They gave you a warning for a reason and once you are told not to do it then don’t do it. 

7.       Advertising:
a.      Members who advertise other gaming servers – Permanent account ban.
b.      Members who advertise MU server rankings or guide that do not affiliates’ our servers – Permanent account ban.
c.      Members who advertise non-gaming related websites – Permanent account ban.
d.      Members are prohibited to use pornographic websites or any sexual explicit websites in our server and forum. (This includes, personal stores, /post and etc.) - Permanent character ban.

 Keep in mind, that if someone invited you to another MU Private Server(s) or any gaming servers and you have acknowledged that person without reporting the incident then you will also get banned a permanently for assisting a rule breaker.

8.       Making Rumours is prohibited and will receive a permanent banned. This includes the following: 

a.     Telling or advising any gamers that this particular person is a GM using a normal character.
b.     Telling or advising any gamers that he or she is using speed hacks. 
c.     Any server negative comments. 

9.       Accessory of the Fact:

Anyone who dares to assist any rule breakers in-game and forum will also be given a permanent ban.
For examples:
If you give assistance to someone who is selling items for real currency and get caught or gets reported then he/she will be permanently banned without warning. Giving assistance by saying "Bro, you got reported on forum so I suggest you to move your items to a new account". If you say that to a rule breaker then you will be permanently banned. 
If you help a temporary banned person to prove he/she is innocent your account will be temporary banned as well. If that person is proven to be using cheats or breaking any of the rules then the person you are helping including your account(s) will be ban.
To ensure you don’t get involve between an Admin and a member who is suspected as a rule breaker or a known rule breaker, I suggest you to keep your comments to yourself and do not assist anyone who is temporary blocked. When you do provide assistance, you are only helping that person not to get unban. The more you help, the more Admin’s won’t believe that person you are helping and you will only risking of losing your accounts. That suspected rule breaker(s) or rule breaker(s) will need to fight his own battles without anyone’s help.

10.       Server Admin Staff Authority:
a.       The Admin’s decisions are absolute. There is no reason for you or anyone to challenge an Admin’s decision. You will be permanently ban in our servers for challenging an Admin. Once it has been decided then the suspension or ban is no longer a discussion.
b.      Members and Game Masters must respect the Admins at all times. Admins has no reasons to disrespect you as long as you don’t give the Admins the reason to disrespect you in the game or forum.
c.       Members and Game Masters must not PK or kill any Admins in-game. They are in-game to conduct investigation and testing. Bothering an Admin will result to schedule testing delays. If you want to test damage or test duel with an Admin then make sure you ask for permission.
d.       Members and Game Masters who uses any types of insults towards an Admin will receive a permanent character ban and possible permanent account ban. If you deleted that ban character and created another character using the same I.P. address and consistently bothering or insulting an Admin then you will be ban. - Character / Account and I.P. address permanent ban. 
e.      Admin's has the right to move or disconnect any members’ and Game Masters in-game. 

For example, if you are caught AFKing using skills in Lorencia Centre PVP zone for no reasons because you are level one who is wanting to show off then your character will either be moved to exile or get disconnected. Why? You are causing lag in-game towards other players. Keep in mind, we have a lot of players that don’t have the luxury to get good internet connection or have a good gaming PC.

 f.      Once an Admin closes any threads or topics and/or discussion in-game or forum, members and including Game Masters and/or Moderators can no longer reply or open up the same topic. The Admins decision is absolute and there should not be any reasons for you to make a statement to support your arguments.
g.      Members and Game Masters is prohibited to protest negative remarks towards an Admin.
h.      Admin's have the right to, without question, violate any rules that they deem necessary for the benefit of the community.

NOTE: The only time that an Admin will ask you for your account username is when you report an issue with your account or something you bought in our server web shop. Admin’s will never ask for any of your password or your personal information.

11.   Server Game Master Staff Authority:
a.      Members must respect our Game Masters. If you don’t, Game Masters will not give you any respect.
b.      Members must not PK or kill any Game Masters while in PK zone. If you plan on killing them, ensure you ask for permission.
c.      Members who protest or challenge any Game Masters in-game and forum without proofs will result to account permanent ban.
d.      Members who uses any types of insults towards a Game Master will receive a permanent character ban. If you deleted that ban character and created another character using the same I.P. address and consistently bothering or insulting a Game Master will be ban. - Character / Account and I.P. address permanent ban.
e.      Game Masters has the right to ban anyone in-game and forum for investigation purposes. The Game Master must report to me for details and proofs in regards with the ban.
f.       Game Masters must not use and disclose their regular normal account. All Game Masters must have a separate Game Master account. Any Game Masters who reveals their identity to any players and/or family members will result to staff removal without warning.
g.      It is mandatory for Game Masters to send me the Game Master Staff Daily Logs via email. (More information will be provided in the application section, Staff forum section, hiring process and etc.).

12.   Server Game Master Staff are prohibited in the following:
a.       Asking members for their personal information such as: passwords and etc.
b.      Using Game Master Account in any way to benefit personal regular or normal account.
c.       Participating Castle Siege Event.
d.      Moving characters in-game without any valid reasoning.
e.      Disrespecting players. Game Masters are prohibited to disrespect any players in-game or on forum. If you find that they have disrespected you in any way then you can give the same treatments towards that player. Ensure you have screenshots and or proofs.

13.   Our MU Online Private Server
a.      This is a FREE PLAY private server. We do things differently than any other server(s). If you despise the game, staff or the game settings then please feel free to leave.
b.      All members including Game Masters must follow all the rules and regulations implemented in our servers.
The interpretation of these rules is solemnly up to the Lightning (Jared) or the owner of our server(s). These rules can change at any time without prior notice. Since rules can change; we cannot guarantee that any precedent you may find still applies, so in order to be in the safe side or if you’re unsure about what constitutes a breach of a rule, you must ask Lightning.

Currently this is only one server.