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New Update on 23 January.

[UPDATED] Ruud Shop items 40% cheaper.

[UPDATED] Message upon entering the game.

[UPDATED] Market item sell limit to 50.

[UPDATED] New accounts will recieve 7 days VIP.

[UPDATED] 30% WebShop discount every sunday

[UPDATED] 100% Chance to get Ruud points from events.


[FIXED] Events (BC,DS,CC)..No monsters bug.

[FIXED] Mix Seed Sphere Enhance.

[FIXED] Mix Feather of Condor.

[FIXED] Drop item socket.

[FIXED] The command /partyleader

[FIXED] Expiry Items. Auto-deleting InGame

[FIXED] Skills BURST and BURST PowUp, for GrowLancer

[FIXED] Rate in Mix PlusItemLevel for Players Vip

[FIXED] Skills CircleShield PowUp and CircleShield Mastery

Posted23 / 01 / 2018Byvasety

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