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Fenix Mu NoReset

Fenix-Mu S12 X10 NoReset!

Server grand Opening 15. December!

Custom HUNT System! Rewarding drop in top maps and bosses! Custom drops from raklion map!

Experience: x10
Master exp: x5

Max Level: 800
Max Master Level: 400

NoResets, No webshop, Simple cash shop!

Medals/Boxes drop gives 1 RUUD Point!
Mu Online MuBOT: Free (1zen*level)

Jewel succes rate: Soul: 70%, Life 70%, Harnony 60%
Chaos machine:
+10: 70%, +11: 60%, +12: 60%, +13: 55%, +14: 50%, +15: 45%
+Luck adds +25%

Duel damage: 60%
Gens damage: 60%
CC damage: 50%

/post command: 250lvl 50k zen
/pkclear in game: 100kk, in website 2kk* kill

Max connections per IP: 10
Elf buff: till 220LVL

Posted16 / 11 / 2017Byvasety

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